Exclusive LR Eldritch Moon Preview Cards

Here they are, the official, exclusive Eldritch Moon preview cards!


Ride Down is back! After a year on the bench, this powerful gold uncommon is back in Eldritch Moon. Ride Down lets you power through a ton of damage while killing opposing blockers in the process. It’s best in an aggressive deck; thankfully white red tends to be an aggressive color combination.


Mournwillow is very cool, combining two colors that don’t normally equate to aggressive beatdowns, and coming up with exactly that. Really curious to see where this one goes!


Mercurial Geists will remind you of Wee Dragonauts, but this is a bigger version in that you get +3/+0 rather than +2/+0. The 1/3 flyer for four mana is below curve, but it doesn’t take too many activations before it’s a 4/3 flyer for long enough to get your opponent dead.


It’s like an 8 mana Temporal Spring! But it’s a 5/4 that doesn’t have to cost 8 mana! Wait. This card is great. I can’t decide exactly how great but the ability to put nonland permanents on top of your opponents library while building out your board in a significant way is fantastic. The price is the big question…

Exclusive LR Eternal Masters Preview Cards!

Here we have our exclusive previews from Eternal Masters!

First we have a doozy, Burning Vengeance! One of our favorite cards from Innistrad is back, and just begging to be built around.

Burning Vengeance_EN_HRR

For our first clue as to what kind of cards we may be triggering Burning Vengeance with, we have Quiet Speculation. You have to figure there are targets with flashback in the set right? Right.

Quiet Speculation_EN_HRR

Last but not least is Oona’s Grace. The idea of using retrace with Burning Vengeance has never occurred to me before but now I can’t get it out of my head…

Oona’s Grace_EN_HRR

Cannot wait to draft this deck!

New LR Videos!

Hey All,

As I’ve mentioned on the show, I’ve been working on my video editing skill set so I can produce more video content for LR. I’ve got the first video finished for a new series I’m tentatively calling LR Depth Check.

You can see it here:


Here’s what I am going for with the series:

  • Around 30 min long
  • Full length draft portion with live commentary
  • “T-shirt sizes” for the games as follows:
  • Small – sped up games, with voiceover – games that happen without anything notable, and quickly
  • Medium – sped up games, with voiceover – games that had some interesting things
  • Large – sped up games, with voiceover – Depth Check, we get to go deep on a line of play, a decision, a pick, a block, whatever.

For the Large size, I have a bunch of ideas on ways to go deep on certain aspects of a game, and if these videos prove useful to you, I’ll explore those. (examples are bringing in pros to break down a line of play, going over sideboard decisions, identifying turning points of a match, etc)

My reasoning is pretty straightforward on these: You can watch full-length draft videos on CFB or wherever your favorite drafters draft. But for some people, the time commitment of watching a full draft plus all rounds is daunting. Additionally, since the player is under the constraints of the clock, they often can’t go as deep as they’d like with their explanations.

I’m trying to get a 2-for-1 by shortening the games that aren’t super interesting and going wayyy deeper on the spots that are.

So that leaves us with two orders of business:

  1. I want your feedback. I make these for you, and I want to know if they are useful or just meh.
  2. These wouldn’t be possible without our Patreon supporters. Thank you. I like being able to devote resources to this kind of thing and I wouldn’t be able to justify it otherwise.

Lemme know what you think,

– Marshall

Exclusive LR Shadows over Innistrad Preview Cards!

It’s almost time for Shadows over Innistrad, and we’ve got four uncommons for our exclusive preview cards this time around. Let’s check them out.

Obsessive Skinner_EN_HRR

Obsessive Skinner is sweet. It has some flexibility when it enters the battlefield on where to put the +1/+1 counter and late in the game if you can get delirium going it starts to become a long term problem for your opponent. Nice.

Manic Scribe_EN_HRR

Manic Scribe is interesting because it comes down early enough to do some blocking in an attempt to draw the game out, and it even has a win condition built in. But enabling graveyard shenanigans for your opponent may be problematic.

Gibbering Fiend_EN_HRR

Gibbering Fiend has meets the bat barely on all fronts. It pings the opponent (not their creatures though…) when it enters the battlefield, and is a serviceable 2/1 for two mana. Later in the game it will be really annoying for the durdle decks in the format, but ultimately it’s pretty easy to kill.

Paranoid Parish-Blade_EN_HRR

Paranoid Parish-Blade tries to transition into the late game and might even succeed. The key question is if a 3/2 for three mana is good enough on its own. If it is, then yay, upside. If it isn’t then waiting to get to delirium is a tall order for a beatdown creature like this.