5 thoughts on “Double Rare VMA P1P1

  1. You know, I ended up picking Control Magic, but it’s pretty dang close for me.

    VMA creatures tend to be pretty lightweight, so honestly I’m going to rate Control Magic lower than I would in some other formats. If someone is running G/W auras and “big stuff”, the possibility for a two-for-one goes up, but that feels like a really edge case. I don’t get the benefit of a 187 ability when I use this either.

    Really, I’m just hoping to use this as “hand disruption with benefits” if that makes sense. That Goblin Piledriver? You don’t have it anymore. That shadow creature you’ve been beating me with? No more.

  2. Control Magic is slightly more powerful than Masticore, but staying open is important to me and blue tends to be heavily drafted in VMA. I know Masticore is going to make my deck and be one of my best cards, especially since so many VMA creatures are X/1s. So Pack 1 Pick 1 I would take the Masticore.

  3. I like masticore, worst case it is a good bomb in any color combination you end up in, so keeping your options open to listen to signals/ see something awesome.
    Then there is the potential for horrible synergies to happen if you try and force UG madness..
    for me, Color neutral + massive treat + synergy with strong two color pair > control magic, P1P1.
    (so yeah I think I pretty much just agree with what Alex Carl said..)

  4. Heh… I usually like the Control Magic here, but in VMA, there’s not really enough upside for it to be the game ender that it often is in other formats.

    I don’t like Masticore here. It’s decent, but there are so many “kill target creature, no regen” effects that it doesn’t seem worth it unless you can draw multiple cards per turn.

    For me? I slam Grizzly Fate in this one. Token generators in this format are rather busted, and I like Fate more than Battle Screech, and it’s not really even that close to me. Getting it P1P1, there are multiple routes I can take the deck, I rather like Green in the format, and there are 4 cards in the pack I would take on the wheel that work well with Fate (Ob Search, Elvish Aberration, Sandbar, and Nature’s Lore. I’d say Bouncer, but no way that card should wheel).

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