Limited Resources 513 – Throne of Eldraine Limited: Too Much of a Good Thing?

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis go deeper on Throne of Eldraine! This format has proven controversial in the early stages, so the guys dive into the data and give you their power rankings for each colors commons, as well as their early takes on the health of the format!

Here are the power rankings:

Common Power Rankings for Week 1



  • Ardenvale Tactician
  • Trapped in a Tower
  • Flutterfox
  • Youthful Knight




  • So Tiny // Charmed Sleep
  • Merfolk Secretkeeper
  • Didn’t Say Please
  • Witching Well
  • Unexplained Vision




  • Bake Into a Pie
  • Reave Soul
  • Reaper of Night
  • Forever Young
  • Tempting Witch
  • Foreboding Fruit




  • Scorching Dragonfire
  • Searing Barrage
  • Merchant of the Vale
  • Brimstone Trebuchet




  • Outmuscle
  • Fierce Witchstalker
  • Rosethorn Acolyte
  • Garenbrig Carver


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