5 thoughts on “LR 246 Crack-a-Pack

  1. If you didn’t vote Burning Anger, I am very confused. Every time that card has resolved I have turn by turn cleared out my opponent’s board and just dominated. After then, they cast a creature, I kill it with Burning Anger and keep attacking again and again until they give up. RIDICULOUS card.

  2. The only reason I can see to pick something other than Burning Anger is that you really don’t want to play Red. I wouldn’t agree with that feeling, but you can’t really argue with a feeling.

    As I type this, Foundry Street Denizen has 1 vote, whereas Meteorite has zero votes. I’m not sure the Denizen is even worth running unless you’re trying to run enough creatures, whereas Meteorite is a decent card in a variety of decks. Weird.

  3. Hey, I’ve done a couple drafts this past week, but, there was one Pack 1 Pick 1 that stumped me; How good is Grindclock? (Pack 1 Pick 1) Do you think it’s good enough to be played, and is it fast enough?


    • Generally not, you only want it in a super controlling deck, and even then you don’t need to use your first pick on it.

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