Limited Resources 243 – M15 Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall go over every Rare and Mythic Rare from M15! M15 boasts a diverse and interesting bunch of rares, and the guys discuss and grade every one of them. Get prepared for M15 now so you can crush your opponents later!

White: 00:03:51

Blue: 00:36:11

Black: 01:09:22

Red: 01:33:33

Green: 01:58:30

Gold/Artifact/Land: 02:30:32


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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31 thoughts on “Limited Resources 243 – M15 Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. Speaking to Soul of Theros’s bomb status, at the prerelease, every single game I was able to cast it, I won. This includes the time it was countered, activating it from the yard 2 turns later, following a Triplicate Spirits.

    Secondary note, thanks again for another release of set reviews.

  2. Life’s Legacy plays nicely with Kinsbaile Skirmisher. Pump my thing, swing in, then cash in Legacy for an extra card than normal is pretty nice.

    I had a guy play Phyrexian Revoker on turn 2 against me in game 1. He randomly named Ajani. I had Ajani in my hand. I was sad.

    I also had a guy live the dream with Sliver Hive. He played Constricting Sliver and proceeded to wreck my entire board. It was the absolute worst feeling in the world.

    • ZgubiÅ‚am na basenie klapki, niebieskie. KupiÅ‚am pospolite, nieciekawe, żeby nikt nie poparowddziÅ‚ – caÅ‚a KoÅ›cierzyna miaÅ‚a takie. Po tygodniu sru nie mam klapek.KupiÄ™ to czasopismo w maju;)

  3. It’s far too easy to get suckered into cute combos with Life’s Legacy. For most drafts, it will be a bad card for you. If it was instant speed you could at least potentially use it in response to removal. Even then, M15 is very minimal on removal so the situation where you draw your exact two cards you need or have it in just the right situation are so unlikely you might as well just have a different more impactful card in your deck.

  4. Thanks for the set review! Quite agree overall 😀 (though I hope genesis hydra can do better as what you said!)

    I had the luck to get a hornet nest in the prerelease, though I sadly couldn’t play green. I still decided for a splash since i was lacking some cards to be a 20 two colors deck.

    Didn’t regret the decision a single time ; I think I didn’t lose any game when it was out (but one, i explain below cuz it was funny and had lots of flavour).

    I had a Red/Black deck with quite some burn (including two lightning bolts), that helped me bluff my way out of attacks from the while prerelease angel quite a few times! Other times, it happened I smashed a meteorite on it, got a few tokens and had a mana helper stone, was fun although not some ultimate move.

    Only time I lost, I play it, and the direct following turn… opponent plays a Queen hornet. Didn’t like that I stole her nest, I guess.

    Btw, I’d consider the expensive cards can be played REALLY better with the generator servant. In sealed, it worked already pretty good (managed to get 2) and I could often cast either the red Soul or the Dragon pretty fast and with haste.
    In draft, I would believe you can decently stack the generators up, and I think it should be relevant in the grades of stuffs like the preview dragon or so!

    Anyway, thanks for the reviews and i’m looking forward playing this set, feels pretty fun!

  5. Around the 14 minute mark Marshall mentioned that Hushwing Gryph dies to the forge devil which it does not because of its static ability.

  6. Re: Do you shuffle Jace if you ultimate at 8. (L1 Judge here)

    You do, and here’s what happens:
    You announce the ability and put it on the stack
    Pay the cost to activate it (remove 8 loyalty counters)
    The ability is now activated
    Before players have priority, state based actions are checked and we have a planeswalker at 0 loyalty, so it goes to the graveyard.
    Once both players have passed priority, the ability resolves and each player shuffles their hand and graveyard into their library and you draw 7 cards.

    • Okay, Kari at Thistlewood just told me about your blog so naturally I had to stop by … and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I did! You see, I’m planning on decoupaging some maps onto my bedroom side tables and have been worried about durability …Since I’m putting on top of the tables … tables where I put a water glass each night … do you suggest that I also give it a few coats of poly on top? I worry about the yellowing …… or should I just use a coaster for that water gl#I;?s&a8217sm pinning this so I can reference when I’m ready to get started! Linda

  7. Gatherer shows 5 rares you did not cover, one in each color: Aegis Angel, Mahamoti Djinn, Nightmare, Shivan Dragon, Terra Stomper.
    It’s weird that they all look like a cycle of good but not too good fatties. Am I missing something here?

    • Those are only available in starter intro packs. They will not be available in regular boosters you open at drafts or sealed events.

  8. In regards to Genesis Hydra, my best targets in my prerelease often ended up being utility creatures in green like Reclamation Sage or Living Totem. I think the sweet spot for X might be 3 or 4 honestly. However all of the other concerns were quite accurate.

  9. I was just wanting to note an observation about the format being prince or pauper. After the two prerelease I did. Seald even considering the promos and the seeded pack felt a lot more princely than normal. I know that seald is more of a prince format in general anyways but it felt even more so for this set. I think due to the quality of the mythics and rares compared to normal. This might be an indicator for draft.

  10. Thanks for the great review!
    Just a quick note on Hushwing Gryff, it in fact does not die to Forge Devil 😉
    It’s also really good with and really bad against Quickling.

    • Yeah, because the gryff has flying, the one toughness is less of an issue, although spirit tokens are a real thing.

      I had someone play a gryff against me in my prerelease. then, in my turn, I played an invasive species without having to return a permanent. Then, he played the 3/5 maggot and didn’t get to net the 3 life he would have otherwise got from it.

    • If you’re already sitting in front of a screen and have the internet to stream a youtube video, you could get the same result by just opening or any other card spoiler site and look at the cards along with the commentary. So you can kind of get what you want right now, anyway.

  11. I opened Genesis hydra and used it to great effect in a UG tempo deck with 2 invasive species, a quick line and roaring primadox. It was my all star and I think it’s a B in that deck 🙂

  12. Oh Man,

    Magical Christmas land I want to see my opponents face when I Yisan into my Stormtide leviathan from my monogreen deck!!

    • This seems pretty amazing. Would there be a means of extending this to mumed-iiltnsional arrays?Setting an array as primary, another as secondary and to have things sort?Is it also possible to do an IndexOf a multi-dimensional array where you need to ensure a 2-3 entries match?Thanks,

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