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Limited Resources is a weekly podcast dedicated to improving your skill at Magic: The Gathering, with an emphasis on Limited play. The show was started in 2009 with hosts Marshall Sutcliffe and Ryan Spain. In 2011 Ryan was hired into the R&D department at Wizards of the Coast, and as a result Jon Loucks joined the show as the co-host. After a long stint on the show, Jon was also hired into R&D at Wizards of the Coast in 2013. Brian Wong joined Marshall as the new co-host shortly after that. After a long and productive run on the show, Brian transitioned off and Luis Scott-Vargas became the fourth LR co-host.

On Limited Resources we take a “Nuts and Bolts Spike” approach to the game. We look for value in all situations and try to maximize our edge at all times, no matter how small. Our hope is that by listening to the show, you will win more and have more fun playing Magic.