Exclusive Khans of Tarkir Preview(s)

Hey all!

We have not one, but two exclusive preview cards from Khans of Tarkir to share with you. And we aren’t monkeying around here either, we are practically swinging from the trees to bring these to you.

Let’s look at our first card, Sidisi’s Pet:

LR_Sidisi’s Pet_9-10-2014 copy (1)

Looks pretty good. Super defensive, good blocker that is just begging to be augmented with equipment or auras. The flexibility of morph makes it a serviceable attacker when needed, but this card is really at home when blocking.

Our next card is Hooting Mandrills:

LR_Hooting Mandrills_9-10-2014

Delve is a great mechanic for Limited and the earlier you can get a 4/4 trampler the better. Besides getting the chest pounding fun going early in the game, you can cast Hooting Mandrills later in the game while still maintaining enough mana to cast other spells the same turn cycle. Combine this with lots of removal or some self mill, and you have a top quality common on your hands.

That’s all the low hanging fruit we have for you from Khans, but make sure you check out our take on this pair of apes in our preview card show here:

– Marshall and Brian

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