Exclusive LR Modern Masters 2017 Edition Preview Cards!

Modern Masters sets are always a great thing for us Limited players. We get a custom made set, comprised of reprints, and honed into a bunch of fun archetypes. For our preview cards, we have a pretty strong signpost about what blue-white will be doing 🙂

God, I’m so excited for this first one:


Mist Raven is one of my favorite cards of all time. It’s a flying Man-o’-War. It’s like a Man-o’-War but it flies. Let that sink in. How sweet is that? I cannot wait to draft and cast a bunch of these in the format.

Also: That sweet sweet John Avon artwork is still here.

Next up is a card I’ve played mainly in Cube Draft, and can’t wait to combine with Mist Raven and any number of other sweet creatures with enters the battlefield effects, Momentary Blink:

I played this in my first Pauper deck alongside Mulldrifter. *Nostalgia*

This is the kind of card that can put a game away if well timed. Yes, you need a good target, and yes you need to make sure the way is clear, but the fact that you get to take a trip directly to the center of Value Town means that it’s often worth it.

So yeah. It seems like we know what UW is up to in Modern Masters 2017. I like where this is heading.

We’ll be talking about these cards on LR 378 this week as well 🙂


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