Exclusive LR Rivals of Ixalan Preview Cards!

This time around we’ve got some powerful uncommons from Rivals of Ixalan for you. Each of these forerunners searches up a relevant creature type, puts it on top of your library, and then rewards you for cast it (and others of its tribe).

This is the pirate forerunner, and it’s representative of how these will play out. You’ll get a mediocre body and no card advantage, BUT you’ll also get some nice card selection and a bonus for being super tribal.

One of the things that comes to mind of course is the ability to search up a big bomb with these. If you have a big tribal bomb going, you should want these even more than normally. Also: This one in a great enrage enabler. This might be the most powerful one in that it’s the best body on its own, plus it just gets bigger as the game progresses. I’m not sure how I feel about the vampire version. The body is small, and the effect fleeting. Probably still worth it though if you are tribal enough.

31 thoughts on “Exclusive LR Rivals of Ixalan Preview Cards!

      • Turn 4 paladin of the bloodstained swing 4.
        There’s definitely at least 1 common token maker in Rivals. It’s good, not mediocre. Flavor aside, if they were counters, this would be a mythic uncommon.

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