Exclusive Theros Preview Card – Centaur Battlemaster

We love a big, green creature here at LR, and WotC has delivered just that for our exclusive Theros preview card! Take a look at the lastest beef delivery vessel from our friends in R&D:


A quick Vanilla Test reveals a pretty unexciting 3/3 body for a relatively demanding 3GG casting cost. Another quick glance reveals that this card is an uncommon, so the ceiling is pretty high. It doesn’t disappoint.

The Heroic “ability” is one that has a lot of fluctuation. One some cards it’s tuned down a bit for power level reasons. On others — like this one — it’s ratcheted up a bunch. A full three +1/+1 counters are added to this guy every time you cast a spell that targets it! It’s like getting a free Giant Growth that stays on the creature!

That means you can run it out on turn five, and if you get to untap, you could threaten to attack with a 6/6 or even a 9/9 beater. Pretty insane.

The downside? It doesn’t have evasion, and if you don’t find a spell to target it with, it’s an unexciting snidd.

Still, it seems like Theros will be rife with ways to target this guy and I love the raw goodness of huge ground-pounders in the green section of the color pie. Now to just find the right thing to bestow on this guy…

– Marshall

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