4 thoughts on “Khans of Tarkir Crack-a-Packs from LR 254

  1. Pack 1: Ashcloud Phoenix seems so far above everything else that it’s definitely what I would pick. My second choice would be Mardu Heart-Piercer.

    Pack 2: Thousand Winds probably trumps everything else. Beyond that it would be a tough choice. I guess I’d take Feat of Resistance, although I wouldn’t be thrilled with it. Kill Shot or Hordeling Outburst also seem reasonable.

    I found Hordeling Outburst a bit tricky to play in the prerelease due to its double color commitment, which seems like something to be much more wary of in this set than in a normal set. So it might well be a turn 5 or 6 play if you don’t hit the land right.

  2. I gotta say, I really like the way you guys do the crack-a-packs. Going over each card and where and when it is a good pick and/or play is awesome. So much more informative than just stating what is the best P1P1.

    I am honestly surprised Ashcloud phoenix is so far above and beyond the heart piercer in votes. It is a stronger card for sure, but is also tougher to cast. Mardu heart-piercer is a solid card in any deck that can play it, because it is so playable, and so strong. I would splash red for that card. I guess the phoenix is still ususally the right pick, but you might actually find that you get deep into sultai or something and can’t play it except as a shoddy morphling, while you might still splash the raider. Mostly it is just interesting to note that both cards are so much stronger than the rest of the pack and it would be hard to pass either.

    Thousand Winds is great and fully first pickable, but later on I think unless it just fits in your bluish deck there are a lot of really good cards that may drive me to pass the Tasmanian Devil.

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