Limited Resources Kickstarter!


We did it! The Kickstarter has ended at an incredible $44k and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you a full year of Limited Resources! Thank you to all who pledged, and keep your eye out for extra content this year as a result of the Kickstarter, including:

  • More LR Videos including some Constructed content
  • LR Stream with Brian and Marshall
  • Retro Set Primer episodes where your hosts discuss drafting an older format
  • Pro Month featuring Luis Scott-Vargas, Patrick Chapin, Sam Black, and David Williams
  • Full LR Archive available here on
  • Bonus Signoff Compilation Episode that features every signoff from the year

Plus probably some stuff I have now forgotten 🙂

It has been awesome to see all the support for the podcast, and we really can’t thank you all enough.

– The LR Family

**UPDATE AGAIN** The LR Kickstarter has now unlocked the videos stretch goal! Thank you for your continued support! 

**UPDATE** The LR Kickstarter is funded! And after a little over 4 hours no less! Thank you so much for your pledges, it means a lot to us here at LR.

The Kickstarter is now updated with stretch goals to go along with the reward tiers that already exist too 🙂

Some (potentially) exciting news here from the LR camp: we have started a Kickstarter for Limited Resources! Before anything else, you can find it here:

The pertinent information should all be in the actual kickstarter 🙂



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