LR Community Subreddit

We have been looking for a reasonable place to make an LR Community forum. After chatting with James and Graham from LoadingReadyRun, we decided that our own subreddit on Reddit was the way to go.

And so it was made:

We are hoping that it catches on, but like all things along these lines, we will just go with the flow. Ideally this is a safe place for LR listeners to hang out and chat about Magic. Drafting, strategies, episodes of the podcast, whatever.

We are still learning the intricacies of reddit, so you can expect small things to improve over time as well.

Thanks for checking it out and making it a great place for like-minded Limited junkies to hang out!

– Marshall

2 thoughts on “LR Community Subreddit

  1. Just for the record, I’d like to state that I’m one of the young old fogeys that actually actively appreciates the kind of community forums facilitate, and would very kindly ask that the kids with their newfangled social medias please depart the undergrowth I have laboured hard to maintain presentable.

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