LR Listener Instants and Tricks Sheet

I went up to Victoria, BC to do my prerelease even with friends from Loading Ready Run. I had a great time, and while I was there I noticed that my opponent Rek Feldman was studying a sheet in between rounds. It was a handy sheet that he had put together with all the instants and tricks in the format. I tweeted a picture of it, and got enough requests that he sent along the PDF of the sheet.

(Just a reminder: You can’t consult the sheet during a match, but you can review it in between matches.)

Thanks Rek!


6 thoughts on “LR Listener Instants and Tricks Sheet

  1. Nice, but it shows Gideon’s Phalanx as making 4 4/4 dudes, where it’s actually 2/2… it’s not quite that OP =)

    • Sorceries aren’t tricks though. The purpose of the sheet is so you can familiarize yourself with what cards they may be representing when they pass the turn and leave X mana of Y colors open.

      • Exactly. I got badly blown out by instants that I didn’t know existed more than once at a pre-release (Press the Advantage and Become Immense being the big two)

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