New LR Videos!

Hey All,

As I’ve mentioned on the show, I’ve been working on my video editing skill set so I can produce more video content for LR. I’ve got the first video finished for a new series I’m tentatively calling LR Depth Check.

You can see it here:


Here’s what I am going for with the series:

  • Around 30 min long
  • Full length draft portion with live commentary
  • “T-shirt sizes” for the games as follows:
  • Small – sped up games, with voiceover – games that happen without anything notable, and quickly
  • Medium – sped up games, with voiceover – games that had some interesting things
  • Large – sped up games, with voiceover – Depth Check, we get to go deep on a line of play, a decision, a pick, a block, whatever.

For the Large size, I have a bunch of ideas on ways to go deep on certain aspects of a game, and if these videos prove useful to you, I’ll explore those. (examples are bringing in pros to break down a line of play, going over sideboard decisions, identifying turning points of a match, etc)

My reasoning is pretty straightforward on these: You can watch full-length draft videos on CFB or wherever your favorite drafters draft. But for some people, the time commitment of watching a full draft plus all rounds is daunting. Additionally, since the player is under the constraints of the clock, they often can’t go as deep as they’d like with their explanations.

I’m trying to get a 2-for-1 by shortening the games that aren’t super interesting and going wayyy deeper on the spots that are.

So that leaves us with two orders of business:

  1. I want your feedback. I make these for you, and I want to know if they are useful or just meh.
  2. These wouldn’t be possible without our Patreon supporters. Thank you. I like being able to devote resources to this kind of thing and I wouldn’t be able to justify it otherwise.

Lemme know what you think,

– Marshall

6 thoughts on “New LR Videos!

  1. As a fairly new player (or, rather, returning player who never really was into limited) I feel like these videos are going to be an awesome tool for learning and I am hoping you will continue them. I do have two points of feedback – one, at 27 minutes the title card says Match 4 Game 2 when it is in fact Match 5 Game 2. Two, for more substantial feedback: a warning before “going deep” (a ‘large’ tshirt section) might be nice, as well as a quick framing sentence or two as to why this section might be key would help me, and other newer players contextualize why this particular play would be important to pay attention to or internalize. Huge fan of these videos and the show, can’t wait to see you put out more.

  2. I am totally loving the new video and the idea of different sizes in various depths. Really great work. Please please make lots of them! The weekly podcasts have really helped as I get more and more into magic and particularly playing limited. So I’m super excited to be able to watch such helpful videos too!

    From Marshalls biggest English fan


  3. The video is great, i listened to the podcast (329) where you guy’s mentioned something that i like using throughout life, Not able to quote but you said that information has a price. Paying 2 life is stead of using removal before damage.
    The explanation was real clear. Choices, cost and result.

    Keep up the good works!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  4. This idea is awesome! Can’t wait to see a draft in this video format.

    Skipping through games that mostly go according to plan is so smart. Its nice to get through the whole thing in 30 minutes.

    My only feedback is that with the video sped up, if you also start talking fast, everything is a bit of a whirlwind and it starts to get a bit hectic which only happened a couple times in the video. I’m curious if something like Trump’s Hearthstone video editing where the video is cut rather than sped up would work for Magic; either way I think it might require way more editing (I think he has someone else handle the editing). Otherwise, maybe just being aware of when you’re speeding up to catch up with the action in the video might improve things a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing more of these!

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