Official LR Conspiracy: Take the Crown Preview Cards!

We’ve got two preview cards from Conspiracy: Take the Crown to take a look at. Let’s dive right in!

Illusionary Informant_ENIllusionary Informant satisfies the curious part of every drafter. If you just have to know what a player took for a specific pick, you finally can just ask them and they actually have to tell you! Not sure how good a 1/3 flyer is on its own, so you’ll want to get a lot of value out of the information during the draft if you take this one.

Spire Phantasm_EN

Spire Phantasm crosses the line from draft to game, while adding a super fun little sub-game in the process. The cool part is that once you name a card correctly with your first Spire Phantasm, all future copies will benefit from it, moving it up in value.


3 thoughts on “Official LR Conspiracy: Take the Crown Preview Cards!

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    • I’m mostly certain the answer is yes, because Spire Phantasm says “The next time a player drafts a card from this pack” meaning they would pick before you guess and with the way Illusionary Informant is worded, it seems you look at the card as they draft it.

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