18 thoughts on “What’s the Pick? MTGO Cube P1P2

  1. Super close between the sword and cryptic it seems. I have to come down on the sword, even if it’s not the most exciting of them.

  2. I think the sword is the right pick here, though I could see picking something else that works better with your first pick. A short summary

    +Sword is colorless -> still open for pick three
    +Sword is still powerful
    +Sword is very likely to be in the final deck

    -Other cards have better synergy with the first pick
    -There are more powerful cards in the pack

    I could see someone picking the cultivate here, or the cryptic, or the elspeth. It depends on whether you value your first pick highly and if you’re the type that likes forcing a deck.

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  7. ……..by the way……the marriage records of MAAAA,and MOOOOOO will probably be on microfilm. Microfilm was still being used well into the eighties, and quite possibly at the Chicago (COOK) or (LAKE) county clerk’s office as well.

  8. skriver:fint ljus på bilderna på Ozzy. det här med ljud på lydnaden är oerhört svårt att bli av med. ge inte upp!Jag och Penny har just nu ledigt från all träning och tävling i ett par veckor till, men vill du träna med oss någon gång hör av dig isf.

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