Episode 234 Crack-a-Pack Number 2

On the 2nd Crack-a-Pack from LR 234, we opened a particularly strong Mythic Rare (no spoilers here). Assuming that the Mythic Rare is your first pick, what is the next best card in the pack?

2 thoughts on “Episode 234 Crack-a-Pack Number 2

  1. I was really glad that Brian talked about leaning towards Green in the podcast – while listening I was wondering how much “I want to be in White/Green/Blue” should play in a close decision like this.

    Anyone interested in picking Flurry of Horns to try to cut off Red in this pack, hoping to get paid off in the Born of the Gods pack? (Personally I’d probably want a card better than Flurry to take that approach.)

    And how do horns “flurry”, anyway?

  2. I was unhappy that Brian told people to lean towards green 🙁 Because that’s been my strategy, and now people are going to start doing it, and it won’t be as open any more. I suppose it was the best strategy to share with listeners, and it means being honest, but still. I wanted to win more!

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