12 thoughts on “Episode 234 Crack-a-Pack Number 1

  1. Really hard to pick between Master of the Feast and Whitewater Naiads. I think Blue got a nice buffing in JOU, so I look forward to playing it. The Naiads look awesome.

    But as much as I’d kick myself for losing due to playing the Master, I don’t want to play against it either. And of course I don’t HAVE to play it if I draw it and the game is already under control.

    So if you’re behind and you draw the Master, do you play it?

  2. I think that Master of the Feast is a totally legit pick here, but I think that Whitewater Naiads is also a very good card to pick. I think that it’s close enough, that I went with the Naiads with the anticipation that a lot of listeners were going to go the other way.

  3. I think putting up the crack-a-packs is a great idea. Lots of valuable info here on peoples opinions. Thanks!
    Ps I’m slamming master of the feast here. I love it.

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    • Hey Shirley, that’s terrific. Sometimes we know what we need to do … but need a little push to get it done. Glad this video was the “push”! Just remember, Screenr is 5 minutes only. So don’t create so many slides you can’t make it in under the deadline.

  4. Master of the Feast is such a huge gamble. One Pin to the Earth and all it does is feed your opponent cards. I think Whitewater Naiads is the safe pick here and that is what I went with.

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