Episode Archive Complete!

Hey All,

You may have noticed a couple of errant older episodes of LR show up in your feed. That was my mistake, as I was busy moving all of the archived episodes of LR over to this very site. I messed a couple up and immediately took them back down, but they may have shown up on your feed.

The good news is that every single episode ever of LR is now available on this very site! You can use the search box to find episodes quickly, and there is a download link on every one for people that prefer that route. From the Spain era, to the Loucks years, to the BWong dynasty, it’s all here now.



5 thoughts on “Episode Archive Complete!

  1. Was just wondering if the sub 100 episodes if you tagged them as 001, 002, ect because if you are looking for like episode 1 you get every episode that has a 1 in it 🙁 Been listening since like ep. 25 but never got around to the earlier ones

  2. about karametra god of harvest, her ability is good because it will increase your chance to draw non land spells.
    about mogis god of slaughter, he is also good in a control heavy removal deck because your deck is focused to remove/bounce creatures leaving your opponents without a choice other than losing 2 life.

  3. Not to sound unappreciative of all the hard work to get the archive up, but I was wondering if there is a way you can add page links at the bottom of the episodes page? That way we can go directly to page 1, 2, 3 ext. Instead of searching or having to click the “older posts” link repeatedly.

    The search function doesn’t seem to work well, if I search for “Limited Resources 1”, it brings up every episode with a “1” in it’s title. If there were page numbers we could just jump directly to page 1 and start listening from the beginning.


  4. Loving listening to the old episodes again: really brings me back! Any chance of getting episode 23 up correctly? It cuts off at like 37 minutes.

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