Limited Resources 220 – Born of the Gods Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian go over every single Rare and Mythic Rare in Born of the Gods in order to prepare you for the coming Limited season! 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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28 thoughts on “Limited Resources 220 – Born of the Gods Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the great content. I was wondering if we could get your ratings in a blog post so that we can reference them in the future. That would be super.

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  2. Hey

    love these reviews they always put me way ahead of the rest of my shop

    Disagree a little with rating of Courser of Kruphix

    At my prerelease I won a match where the player had it on the battle field every game.

    Overall I felt the 1 life per turn is something I gladly would give up to know every card he was drawing before it came especially as the game went longer and all his hand was played out.

    just on the other side i didn’t feel this was a real groan test card i was almost happy to see it because the info was so valuable

    It told me to hold up mana to cast gainsay for his blue bomb when i saw he was going to draw it.

    It told me there was no way for him to crack back and kill me or deal with a pumped up flyer.

    overall the information I had of knowing all his draws let me calculate everything and know my plans could not be messed with

    This is just one seriously novice players opinion though
    overall its your show that probably helped me win that match.

    Keep up the great work

  3. As it was the end of the review, you missed a very key point on the last card, Scourge of Scola Vale. Brian said you would never gain anything from the ability because you are just consolidating power/toughness, but that is incorrect. It says you get counters equal to the toughness of the creature, so for creatures like Coastline Chimera it is actually a huge boost. You turn a 1/5 into 5 +1/+1 counters. Just wanted to point out that because it seemed like it was overlooked.

    • I don’t want to be too BCSM but this card has some good synergies with Portent of Betrayal and Akroan Conscriptor, even Siren of the Fanged Coast.
      Also I can imagine a potential scenario in a defensive deck with this and a Guardians of Meletis, then sacrificing the Guardians to make an 8/8 trample on turn 4.
      It has synergies with Nemesis of Mortals and less likely but interesting ones with hard cast bestow creatures if you have some reanimation as well.

      Although far less likely for limited, it could also be used to get value off creatures or tokens present temporarily, like those brought back with the Whip and made by Felhide Spiritbinder.

      As Brian always says card in a set with a unique effect are valuable. I am looking forward to going Rashad Miller deep with this one, but only if the coast is clear.

  4. They didn’t answer the obvious question of Phenax or Xenagos? They were right next to each other in the review and believe they both got A-.

  5. Oh man, I’m glad you guys are on board with Gild. I pulled one at pre-release and it did so much work. I wasn’t sure if I was evaluating it to high due to BCSM because I played it nearly every game to great effect.

    I read the card wrong when it was spoiled and thought it gave the creatures controller the gold artifact. It seemed like a lot of people had that misconception at pre-release.

  6. This is a little long for twitter, but you guys wanted hear rules questions about Perplexing Chimera. If I have one out and my opponent casts a Sea God’s Revenge, can I exchange control of the Chimera and the Revenge and target the Chimera and two other creatures my opponent controls? If this works it would mitigate to down-side of giving them the Chimera by bouncing back to my hand.

  7. I disagree with the evaluation of Karametra. One potentially huge upside of Karametra in limited is that she will reduce your land draws in the late game thus increasing your potential to draw usable spells in the late game by a very large percent:

    40 cards to start (always!)
    17 lands – 5 (what you need to cast Karametra) = 12 lands remaining in deck 42.5 % land
    draw 7 to start so remaining cards in deck = 33
    by turn 5 remaining deck is at least 28 cards remaining in deck 12 lands 36.3 % land
    turn 6 play a creature find a land 27 cards remaining in deck
    search for land 11 lands 26 cards remaining in deck 42% lands
    turn 7 play creature 26 cards
    search for land 10 lands 25 cards 40% lands
    turn 8 play a creature 25 cards
    search for a land 9 lands left 24 cards 37.5 % land

    As you see by turn 8 where it really matters you are significantly more likely to draw a spell than a land.
    This equation also assumes that you have no additional lands in hand and you do not draw any lands on those 3 turns.
    If you have even one land in hand at that point it becomes 8 lands left on turn 8 which drops the land percent down to
    only 33% (1 land per 3 draws) which will reduce drastically from here on assuming the game goes to 10 – 12 rounds.

    If you draw one land during this time and can’t play a creature the numbers stay the same. If you draw a non-land card and can’t
    play a creature you end up with 41.6%.

    Now if you have any type of scry ability this card is awesome (scry away 1 land and you are in the sweet 33% land again by turn 8) for late game.

    I think that this makes the card pretty good and would go as far as to say that I would splash it if I was in at least one of the other colors.

    • The median game length is somewhere between 8-9 turns in Theros, so I’m hesitant to invest in a card that takes much longer than that to pay dividends. And only then if I actually follow it up with more creatures.

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  8. About Arbiter of the Ideal: It says you may put land onto the battlefield, which is not the same as playing a land. Which means sometimes you can get two lands out in one turn. Although after 6 mana it may not matter, I think it’s important for people to know.

  9. I can confirm as of last night that Phenax is absolutely ridiculous. Certainly was easy to get on line in blue/black control. Certainly milled people for over 20 in multiple games.

    Side note: Wavecrash Triton is the love child of the Phenax deck. Retraction Helix+Wavecrash Triton completely disrupts the worst threats of your opponents.

    One guy did take me to 1-1 and draw to time. BOTH games we finished he happened to have Fade to Antiquity in hand so… thats that. Thing was amazing.

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