Exclusive Limited Resources Fate Reforged Preview Cards!

It’s that time! Fate Reforged is right around the corner and LR has got some sweet preview cards this time around. LSV and I will talk about them on the show this week, but we wanted to get get them in front of your eyeballs as soon as we were allowed.

We have four cards this time (!) and one additional that was already previewed, but is part of this cycle so I thought I’d throw it in here as well.

First up, War Flare:

LR_War Flare_20150105


Token strategies rejoice! This plays like a Trumpet Blast that is super flexible and can be used defensively. Sometimes you’ll just kill your opponent with a swarm of tokens and War Flare. Other times you’ll untap them and get some savage (and unexpected) blocks going. Don’t overlook the +1 toughness boost either, it’s *always* more relevant than it seems like it would be.

Also note: these are all commons. You’ll be seeing these in your Fate Reforged booster packs, meaning that they can be part of a bigger strategy somewhat reliably.

Next up, Harsh Sustenance:
LR_Harsh Sustenance_20150105

Wow! Instant speed, can go to the face, can kill creatures, *and* gains me life? Sign me up! I’m not willing to ignore the whole “creatures you control” thing, but given that we are talking about Limited—where creatures rule the game—it’s usually safe to assume you’ll at least have some of them running around. This card has a high upside for sure.

The next one is a new “fight” card. Sort of?

LR_Grim Contest_20150105


Weird! Grim Contest reads just like a normal fight card… until the end. Toughness?? It’s hard to figure out how to even rate this card. Wait. You are saying that my Archer’s Parapet can now just beat up on an Efreet Weaponmaster? We’ll talk more about this one on the show.

Cunning Strike is next:

LR_Cunning Strike_20150105


It’s hard to imagine this card being bad. You get to kill a creature (a smallish one), do two damage to an opponent (not a huge thing, but adds up quicker than you think), *and* draw a card? And it’s an instant? Ultimately this is like getting three smallish effects, but on one card. The big question is whether the five converted mana cost will prove prohibitive or not (it very well may).

This one was already previewed, but for completeness sake, here’s Ethereal Ambush:



LR_Ethereal Ambush

This card looks nuts to me. Effectively a 4/4 for 5 mana with flash, but spread out over two bodies. With the random upside of being able to “unmanifest” any creatures you happen to turn over. Seems good.

So there they are, the exclusive Fate Reforged preview card for Limited Resources. Be sure to tune in this week as LSV and I go deep on these cards and figure out how good each one really is.

– Marshall


17 thoughts on “Exclusive Limited Resources Fate Reforged Preview Cards!

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing you talk about these cards with LSV. So…. does this mean that LSV is your new co-host?

    • Yes, LSV is the new co-host for Limited Resources! It was announced during ChannelFireball’s Coverage of GP Denver. This is also why he is moving his sponsorship agreement over to ChannelFireball. As he said during the announcement, it would be difficult to run a show with somebody so heavily associated with CFB while sponsored by a different magic store.

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  2. I feel that these cards are good but are even better being the enemy color pair. although most of you more than likely already saw that.

  3. haha… butt fight.

    The LSV co-host announcement came down, as mentioned, during this week’s GP coverage. Additionally, Marshall and LSV each tweeted the news. Super excited to have one of the best players ever co-hosting the show. Also looking forward to many, many more puns. Thanks for putting this together Marshall!

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  5. so with ugins minus ability to clear the board of creatures of color . will manifest directly step in to sustain your side of the table with creatures during this? then who knows use the 8 mana to whelm your opponent?
    seems like manifest and morph will be the powers of choice with ugin around.

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