New LR Host and Sponsorship FAQ

Hey All,

We’ve been seeing some questions come up regarding the recent changes to the sponsorship and hosts of LR. We wanted to take a minute to answer those questions.

Q: Does ChannelFireball own Limited Resources now?

A: No. ChannelFireball is now the exclusive sponsor of LR, but that’s different from buying the show itself. As Marshall has said before on the show, it’s not for sale.

Q: The Patreon is still a thing, right?

A: Yep! The Patreon exists separately of the sponsorship setup, and is still a great way to support the show directly.

Q: Where will the show be available?

A: The show will still be in all the place it is now, but also on as well. You won’t have to change anything to keep getting the show how and where you want it.

Q: Will Marshall keep doing draft videos, and if so, where?

A: Yes. Marshall’s draft videos will be on now. He is currently slated to do six videos a month, but that, of course, is subject to change.

Q: Will Limited Resources be changing its style or content in light of the new sponsorship?

A: No. ChannelFireball chose to sponsor the show because they like the message and content within the show. They have control over the ads that are on the show, but the show content itself is still up to the hosts.

Q: Will there still be signoffs?

A: That’s up to LSV. He has indicated that he is interested in doing them, but it’s not something that is required of the co-host.

Q: Will the show be a lot different than before?

A: No. Some change is of course going to happen with any new co-host, but LR is here for one reason: To help you improve at Magic. That is not changing. There may be more puns though.

If there are any other questions that weren’t answered here, feel free to fire away.

Everyone at LR is really excited about bringing on LSV as well as working with the fine folks at ChannelFireball, and we can’t wait to get going on the show again!



9 thoughts on “New LR Host and Sponsorship FAQ

  1. Marshall love the show!! LSV was my P1P1 for the new co-host as watching his old MagicTV’s on youtube back in May of this year brought me back into a game I hadn’t played since around 1998. Your show is the reason I am the player I am now… I do fairly well at our FNM draft and win at least once a month now (we have a great group of guys who I consider much better and more seasoned than I am including one heading to the pro tour in Feb). Thank you for everything you do and the excellent content you put forth. I leave every match thinking dont be ROTY and what could I have done better every time I play! My only questions are does LSV have a required minimum of puns per show or PPS if you will, and (I don’t expect an answer to this one) how did you manage to talk him into it?!?!?! Thank you again for everything you do for many of us this is the best 1-3 hours a week (besides actual play time) we get, so thank you thank you thank you for constantly improving what I consider to be one of the best MtG podcasts (and I know I am not alone) out there!

  2. I am super excited for this new era of LR. I think that LSV was an excellent choice of cohost and I have the utmost respect for him and the rest of CFB. I was wondering with having had Eric Froehlich, LSV and all of the other awesome guests hosts, is the stretch goal for pros from the Kickstarter now complete? I am really excited for the show this week. Will the set review be next week? Are you going to change the rating scheme for cards now with 8-dops as automatic A’s? Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put in to helping us improve.

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