Exclusive LR Eldritch Moon Preview Cards

Here they are, the official, exclusive Eldritch Moon preview cards!


Ride Down is back! After a year on the bench, this powerful gold uncommon is back in Eldritch Moon. Ride Down lets you power through a ton of damage while killing opposing blockers in the process. It’s best in an aggressive deck; thankfully white red tends to be an aggressive color combination.


Mournwillow is very cool, combining two colors that don’t normally equate to aggressive beatdowns, and coming up with exactly that. Really curious to see where this one goes!


Mercurial Geists will remind you of Wee Dragonauts, but this is a bigger version in that you get +3/+0 rather than +2/+0. The 1/3 flyer for four mana is below curve, but it doesn’t take too many activations before it’s a 4/3 flyer for long enough to get your opponent dead.


It’s like an 8 mana Temporal Spring! But it’s a 5/4 that doesn’t have to cost 8 mana! Wait. This card is great. I can’t decide exactly how great but the ability to put nonland permanents on top of your opponents library while building out your board in a significant way is fantastic. The price is the big question…

16 thoughts on “Exclusive LR Eldritch Moon Preview Cards

  1. Despite the larger Eldrazi creatures, Eldritch Moon is looking like it will be a pretty fast set. Especially with what efficient common and uncommon removal we have seen.

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  5. Lashweed Lurker would be perfect for removing other Emerge creatures. Opponent plays an Emerge creature sacrificing a creature, then you remove that Emerge creature and put it back on their library? Outstanding…

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