Limited Resources 344 – Eldritch Moon Rules and Mechanics plus Preview Cards

This week on Limited Resources Marshall invites Kenji Egashira to go over the rules and mechanics of Eldritch Moon, as well as get a first impression of the exclusive preview cards for LR! 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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3 thoughts on “Limited Resources 344 – Eldritch Moon Rules and Mechanics plus Preview Cards

  1. Interesting patreon question. FYI, this crap does happen in person too, and no, other players that see/hear it aren’t necessarily gonna step in to help the new player. A few weeks ago I was playing Modern at an LGS and had a player tilt b/c he said I was playing too slow. I always tell my opponents that I’m a casual player (I might get to play twice a month on average) and I apologized for not playing at top speed. I not only got to listen to plenty of snarky comments from him about how he could’ve beaten me in half the time if i wasn’t so slow, but a bystander also chimed in that I had no business playing in “the tournament” (which was 8 guys paying $6 each on a weeknight for 3 rounds w/ a few prize packs) if I couldn’t play faster. Might be time to find a new place to play- like a kitchen table.

  2. Good show – one thing that would have been nice was to mention the colors that have the mechanics. Kenji was incorrect that white was the only color not to have emerge – it only shows up in blue, black and green. Escalate shows up in white, black and red (also the colors that have meld cards).

    Just a minor point.

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