Exclusive LR Preview Cards for Kaladesh!

We have a full cycle of 5 common creatures to preview for you this time around:


Thriving Ibex might be a goat, but it’s likely not the GOAT. Still, this card seems very solid, providing energy for various things or itself. Attacking with a 3/5 on turn 5 is no joke.


I think this is the worst of the bunch? Depends on how good the energy part is. If you can use it readily for other things, I could see this being better.


I really like these rats. They are pretty straightforward as a 2/3 for 1B, but that’s darn good. Slightly awkward that you have to attack with them first, but my guess is that late in the game you may have better places to put that energy anyway.


Solid aggressive two-drop here. I like the idea of piling counters on this thing turn after turn. You’ll need a steady stream of energy, but if you find it, this can take over the early game.


Thriving Rhino seems like the best of the bunch. This guy packs a serious punch, attacking as a 3/4 on turn 4 while leaving all of your mana and cards available. Oof.

4 thoughts on “Exclusive LR Preview Cards for Kaladesh!

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  2. Turtle seems like it could be pretty decent if it’s possible to draft an energy-curve-out deck – attack with a 1/4 then a 2/5 then a 3/6 then then.

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