Limited Resources 352 – Draft Leagues and MTGO

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis dissect the latest hot-button topic for Magic Online: Draft Leagues. The ups, the downs, the inside-outs are all discussed in depth in this episode. 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 352 – Draft Leagues and MTGO

  1. I always look at where my opponents were sitting in my draft, I take a screen shot of the draft table.

    If 8-4 drafts were replaced with single-elim draft leagues, would that diminish the value of MtGO for draft practice by pros?

    • I’ve had this happen. You are using the same page as last week. Even though my iPhone reloads the page it doesn’t update the link. To refresh the link you need to go back to the main page and click on the episodes link again.

  2. I’m curious whether you two would prefer the hypothetical 8-4 leagues to be Swiss. I could see an advantage to playing for no prize if you just wanted to continue trying out your sweet deck that got manascrewed in the first round. Obviously not everyone would keep playing after a first round loss, but some would. This would be another upside to leagues.

    (Currently I think part of the reason it’s *not* that way is the time consideration you mentioned of waiting on 4 people vs. 8. Plus, since most people wouldn’t want to keep playing after a loss, the likelihood of an opponent with your record still being around to play would be low when drawing from only 8 people.)

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