First Steps into Vintage [Video]

After watching LSV and Randy have so much fun on MTGO playing Vintage, I just couldn’t resist any longer. I bought into the format and have been playing games when I can (read: in between draft games) to try to get used to the format. It’s a crazy format; way different than any I’ve ever played, but still very much Magic.

I did a little research beforehand about which deck to start with. I decided on a list that LSV wrote about in an article on the mothership introducing me to Vintage as a format. The list is a BUG tempo deck which I outline in the first video. It seemed like my style, and it also seemed like a deck I could actually pilot while getting used to the new cards and interactions.

My gut tells me that this isn’t the strongest deck in Vintage, but it seems like a good starting point and one that fits my play style very well.

I decided to record a some of my matches because I thought you guys might like to join me on the Vintage journey. And also for value.


2 thoughts on “First Steps into Vintage [Video]

  1. When you were saying in the closing turns of the first match, I hope i dont get unlucky.. Im yelling BUT MARSHALL you know whats on top you put it there!!!

  2. Marshall, watching you play vintage is almost as awesome as watching you play the holiday cube, only without the draft.

    Please, Please, Please keep putting more of these up!!

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