Limited Resources 251 – Khans of Tarkir Rules and Mechanics with Judge Joe Bono

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall welcome Judge Joe Bono on the show to talk about the rules and mechanics of Khans of Tarkir! Every wedge has its own mechanic, plus the addition of morph makes for a rocky landscape. Get your mechanics down cold before diving into the set review show right here. 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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25 thoughts on “Limited Resources 251 – Khans of Tarkir Rules and Mechanics with Judge Joe Bono

    • Stephen – rabblemaster’s goblin tokens will trigger raid. The meandering tower shell example has him coming back into play attacking i.e. you didn’t get to declare him attacking. The goblins generated by the rabblemaster come into play with haste and are forced into attacking which you still declare. Many people shortcut this which might be your confusion.

  1. Quick question, I assume it is only morph cards that have been played that need to be revealed at the end of the game, I.E if I finish a game with a morph card at the bottom of my library that was never interacted with I don’t have to go through my entire library and check for any morphs that were never interacted with to reveal to my opponent?

    • Correct. You will never need to go through you library and show your opponent all your morph cards. It is only when a card you played face down moves to any other zone or the game ends that you must reveal the morph cards you played.

      Example: Opponent unsummons your morph, you must reveal it.
      Example: The game ends with you having a face down morph on the battlefield, you must reveal it.

  2. Just to clarify the whole casting of morph from other zones thing: if I cast Villainous Wealth where x=5 and I hit a few morph cards whose cmc is 6, can I cast them face down?

    • No you may not. The CMC of the cards acts as normal until they are placed on the stack as a morph card, so when they are in the library 6 cmc cards are 6 cmc even with morph.

    • Die triggers look back to the game state before it dies to see if it triggers. So it’s going to die and it has 4 toughness, so it will trigger.

  3. I am prepared to be wrong about this, but I don’t believe Kheru Spellsnatcher will allow you to play a snatched morph card face-down. It’s because you are being allowed to cast it “without paying its mana cost,” and that clause does not allow for alternative costs to be paid.

    • You are correct on this one. Judge Bono did not articulate this point very well. Casting a morph face down is a alternative cost, as is “casting it without paying its mana cost” and you can’t use two alternative costs at the same time.

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  5. Hello
    If i play a burn spell that can distribute lets say 4 damage to any creature or player and the oponent has a mogg fanatic and an archangel of thune if i choose to distribute the damage one to mogg fanatic and the rest to archangel and in respone sacrifises the mog fanatic does the archangel is dealt 4 damage due to the rule that says if a target of a spell is still legal the spell does as much damage as it can thanks in advance

  6. First off, love the show. Has helped improve my limited skills immensely. But my comment is not actually mtg related. On the snoring thing at the end. While I absolutely agree on getting the snoring checked out, a lot of people that suffer from seasonal allergies snore loudly only b/c of them. So it’s not always a big deal. Always needs looking into, but not always an actual problem. I an a horrendous snorer but they are caused entirely by my allergies.

  7. Ok so villainous wealth, if my opponent cast it for lets say 6 and gets a heroe’s downfall can they save it and use it ike 3 turns later since villainous wealth doesn’t say until end of turn?

  8. 116.3c If a player has priority when he or she casts a spell, activates an ability, or takes a special action, that player receives priority afterward.

    116.3d If a player has priority and chooses not to take any actions, that player passes. If any mana is in that player’s mana pool, he or she announces what mana is there. Then the next player in turn order receives priority.

    116.4. If all players pass in succession (that is, if all players pass without taking any actions in between passing), the spell or ability on top of the stack resolves or, if the stack is empty, the phase or step ends.

    So your telling me that I cannot respond to a special action. These three rules together confuse me then. Please expound.

    • I understand they are not a part of the stack, however, these rules make it seem like there is a passing of priority before a special action can resolve.

  9. Hey there, maybe a tricky one. If I swing with my Seeker of the Way, my opponent blocks with a 3/3 and then I cast Temur Battle Rage do I have to state that I have triggered the Prowess and the Lifelink or does it automatically happen? Thanks

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