Five Exclusive Battle For Zendikar Preview Cards!

We have a great lineup of powerful uncommon preview cards for you this week! Let’s just get right to the cards. 0201_MTGBFZ_EN_HRR

Man, they aren’t messing around this time. This card is amazing. Three mana for 3 power and 4 toughness with multiple forms of upside! Can’t wait to cast this guy.


Herald of Kozilek is not as powerful as the previous card, but it’s still pretty strong. The real question is how much we can abuse the cost reduction ability..

0210_MTGBFZ_EN_HRRDrana’s Emissary is super strong in an aggressive deck. It hits for effectively 3 damage a turn, and even if they have a blocker they have to kill it at some point in the game. Love it. Also: Vampire Cleric Ally is a kind of insane creature type line.

0218_MTGBFZ_EN_HRRResolute Blademaster doesn’t do much for the Vanilla Test, but you only need to get this trigger once or twice to close out a game. Very powerful, even if it has a relatively high Setup Cost.



Skyrider Elf is a 2/2 with flying for two mana. That’s very good. If you happen to have other colors of mana laying around, you can grow it even bigger. Think of super flexible Skyreach Manta with upside. Yep.

7 thoughts on “Five Exclusive Battle For Zendikar Preview Cards!

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  2. this cycle also seems to be toeing the line of not worth splashing but above average in the decks that want them like the origins ones. as for the Herald of Kozilek, its not like this set is devoid of colorless spells that will gain its cost reduction benifit

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  4. reducing the cost of morph spells are just a ridiculous upside to that Eldrazi…. It feels like the uncommon Eldrazi are the ones that should really taken the rare slots.

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