Limited Resources 209 – MTGO, UW Heroic, and Theros Signals

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall take some time to discuss a variety of topics including the big MTGO changes, UW Heroic, Signals in Theros, and revisit the last episode.


Today’s signoff was based on real life events.  My MTGO opponent played a turn 5 Shipbreaker Kraken (With Karametra Acolyte), and hit me with the premature “GG”– my number one online pet peeve.  You’re not going to tilt me, what you will do is make sure that I give my %110 to make you regret it.  Next turn he sends his Kraken into my team, and attempts to monstrify, but he only has 7 mana.  I get to stack up some blockers, which he foils with a bounce spell.  During his end step, I kill the Kraken with a Lightning Strike.  I go on to win the game, but before he takes his last draw step, I pause.  I wait for a few seconds.  Then I say, “GG”.  To bring the justice level up a whole other level, he was probably playing two tournaments at once (my other pet peeve), and lost the match due to time in game 3.   

– Brian

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