Limited Resources 221 – Born of the Gods Initial Impressions

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian give their first impressions of Born of the Gods Limited. Cards are reevaluated, big pictures are examined, and traps are tripped. There are also two Crack-a-Packs.

Link to Ryan’s old article about analogs:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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11 thoughts on “Limited Resources 221 – Born of the Gods Initial Impressions

  1. so brian, what happened with the turn 5 nessian demolock? im curious what you chose and what the outcome was. thanks for this episode as it was something i had never thought of considering doing – looking for analogues. thanks for the hard work for these episodes!

    – j –

  2. Splash question! I get this wrong time and time again. Brian and Marshall mentioned splashing for a card like Fanatic of Xenagos. Many people have told me that splashing something that you would prefer to get on curve is often a mistake since, well, it is a splash and chances are you won’t be able to cast it on curve (though I don’t remember the math from the previous podcast). This logic seems to make sense to me.

    If you’re running four red sources to splash red, would you only splash something like the fanatic if you’re already for splashing for something less dependent on curve (e.g. fall of the hammer). Thoughts? Comments? Beratements?

  3. I’m actually going back to some of the original podcasts with Ryan, so have just heard you touch on the equivalencies with ZZW a week ago.

    Far clearer listening to this, but perhaps because I know Theros and now Born of the Gods cards far better! Great deep dive.

    And thank you for all the effort of putting up the old shows!

  4. Between the podcasts here and the videos up on MTGO Academy, you’ve mentioned Kenji quite a few times. Mind linking his stream? I’ve become quite interested in watching him play.

  5. Hey guys,

    Thanks a lot for this podcast. Been listening since the theros’ pre-release analysis, and started to listen once in a while, until now where I listen to it about every week 🙂

    There are really many interesting things to learn – I’m always surprised how you still manage to always add some very interesting content and things here and there, from one show to the next ^^

    I’m pretty sure I drastically progressed since I started watching Marshall’s vids and listening to the podcast. Also, I just plain love Brian’s jokes and the outs for the show 😀 (today’s was sadly short but still cool xD)

    Keep going on with the cool work!
    (yeah, no real value in this post, but just an encouragement to the show and a sign of appreciation for the addition of the comments ^^)

  6. First, like everyone else, thank you for the great show and hard work to make us better players.

    I can’t remember if it was this show or a recent one, and I could have misheard it, but I thought Marshall mentioned Brian having a four-stage card evaluation. He went on to say when you’re ahead, behind or at parity. Is there a fourth possibility or did I misunderstand that?


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