Limited Resources 227 – BDMS_LR

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Brian David-Marshall on the show to talk Cube and Born of the Gods draft while they are doing coverage of the Magic Online Championship. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 227 – BDMS_LR

  1. Hi Marshall,

    First and foremost, love the podcast, and found the quality available using the portable mics fantastic. Enjoyed the show, but have had the same problems that you have been experiencing, including a main-phased Ephara’s Radiance multiple times at my LGS.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Having not listened to the podcast yet I’m hoping that this week isn’t going to be about Bondage and Discipline in Magic cards….

  3. Hi Marshall. I really enjoyed this podcast and was wondering if you could have a future one dedicated to the politics of drafting. I had the idea when BDM mentioned taking an Oracle’s Insight over a Brimaz, Ornitharc, and a Skyguard to force White on 3 opponents. Perhaps it would be a complicated discussion, but a very impactful one. Thanks for the great show!

  4. What is up? First off I want to say I really enjoy the podcast. I just wanted to chime in about Divination. I haven’t played much limited since Born of the Gods, but did play a lot of Theros limited. I found it kind of odd that BDM said he likes taking Divination even in aggro decks and over Sudden Storm. He said he is usually trying to get to Voyage’s End or Retraction Helix, but wouldn’t just having Sudden Storm be better? I haven’t played Sudden Storm much but always seems really good against me. Wondering what other people think. Keep up the great work,


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