Limited Resources 232 – Journey into Nyx Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

This week on Limited Resources Brian and Marshall review every Rare and Mythic Rare in Journey into Nyx! Bombs, duds, and trap cards are all uncovered in this set review. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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16 thoughts on “Limited Resources 232 – Journey into Nyx Set Review: Rare and Mythic Rare

  1. One card that was left out of the Master of the Feast talk, was Pin to the Earth. It’s only two cost, and turns your Master of the Feast into a -1/5 blocker that draws your opponent cards. Personally I think it’s worth the risk, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

  2. I did a quick gatherer search for Extinguish All Hope discussion and there are 323 total creatures in THS block, 241 of those are not enchantments. Thus, 241/323 means that 74.6% of THS block creatures are not enchantments, which was more than I expected. There are 25 black enchantment creatures including gods and Chromanticore, 14 of those 25 are commons and uncommons.

  3. “What I don’t see is how putting this card in your deck is a good idea”! – and we have another classic Brianism! (initial comment made regarding “Dictate of the Twin Gods”)

  4. I agree that King Macar should be a must ability, but I disagree that he should be able to turn himself into gold, since Midas was not able to do that. He should read “exile another target creature..” instead of “you may exile target creature”.

    • I can understand the gameplay reasons for making it a “may”, though. They could make it “You may choose to not untap King Macar”, though. That could be a flavorful way of fixing the Gilding your guys problem, since he couldn’t eat any of the food he touched since it turned into gold. It’d be him starving.

      • I agree that the “may” makes the card much more playable so that helps shore it up as a black first pick. I like the “you may choose not to untap it” clause as long as he is not able to kill himself. The inspired turn to gold mechanic shouldn’t kill himself directly even though he wasn’t able to eat his gold food.

  5. I managed to pull Athreos at prerelease. I found he was aggressively costed and with the returns to hand effect you hit devotion more consistently. He is an A in my book, went 4-1. Had great synergy with all the constellation.

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  6. At the Pre-release I had an opponent cast Worst Fears on me. Unfortunately for him, he was at 5 life and I had a Bladetusk Boar with Mogis’s Warhounds bestowed on it. So when he took my turn he had to attack himself for lethal.

  7. Nice call on Mana Confluence! I’ve been down on that card since it was spoiled and I don’t see why everyone is so hyped for it. Without a “tap for colorless mana” ability it just seems like to high a risk to get stuck with it in your opening hand.

  8. My friends and I bought a box and played sealed. I got to cast worst fears twice. Once for no value as he had no cards in hand and I drew a land for his turn. Second time got a three for one by casting an enchantment creature then put an aura on it then deicide the creature. Felt powerful but i still lost. Was fun to resolve but very anticlimactic.

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