Limited Resources 242 – M15 Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian review every single common and uncommon in Magic 2015! Get ready for your prerelease with the guys from LR, as they prepare you to play M15.

Blue: 0:05:20

Black: 1:17:23

Red: 2:28:00

Green: 3:22:00

White: 4:12:37

Artifact/Land: 5:00:04

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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32 thoughts on “Limited Resources 242 – M15 Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. I cant wait to see what you guys think of all the rares and mythics! especially with the reprinting of Cord and all the externally designed cards!

  2. Worth noting, at the pre-release you probably want to maindeck at least one plummet, 3 of the 5 promos, the 3 best, are fliers.

    • Jonas: "Vad jag förstÃ¥r fattar svenska ministrar i rÃ¥det inga beslut som inte är förankrade i den svenska riksdagen."FrÃ¥gan är hur väl detta funkar i praktiken..? &qnou;Regeriugsduglighet&qtot; och allt?

  3. I think Frost Lynx is overvalued here… Man-o-War does so much more – removes auras, time walk, tempo, etc. Blue is not an aggro colour and you have to draw the comparison to Kor Hookmaster. Good job with the podcast btw. Love the show.

    • I think its worth noting that in there evaluation of the card they felt blue is more aggressive in this set. Versus controlling like normal.

  4. turn to frog will not remove “can not be blocked” but it can remove indestructible thanks to new rules

    • It depends on where the “Can not be blocked” is coming from. If a creature is not able to be blocked because of something external to the creature like Hot Soup, then yes, you are correct. If, however, the creature is not able to be blocked because of something on the creature itself, up to and including an ability that says “This creature can not be blocked”, then Turn to Frog will remove that ability, thus allowing it to be blocked.

  5. @aaron Kenyon: Turn to frog WILL remove ‘can not be blocked’. They attack with their unblockable, you turn to frog it, and now you block (you can’t let it go through unblocked, cast turn to frog, and then belatedly block, of course).

    Even with the old rules, turn to frog would remove indestructible.

    Where you might be confused:

    If unblockability is inferred by something else, such as the Invisibility aura in M15, turn to frog won’t remove it. Turn to frog doesn’t remove any continuous affect applied by anything that isn’t printed on the card you target with this unless it is granted to the creature / sets the creature’s P/T. For example, if you hit an ensoul artifacted ornithopter with it, it becomes a 1/1 without flying (turn to frog overwrites the 5/5 until end of turn at least). Turn to Frog would not prevent a creature that is carrying Rogue’s Gloves from drawing a card either (that ability is on the gloves).

    Before the rules change on indestructibility, a card like Rootborn Defenses would infer indestructibility on your team by way of a new game rule, valid until end of turn. Turn to Frog would do nothing against it. Now, you can allow your opponent to cast and resolve a rootborn defenses. If you then cast turn to frog, you take away its indestructibility (but if done in reverse order, then the frog becomes indestructible).

    Even pre-rules, a card that is itself indestructible, such as a Darksteel Sentinel, if hit by Turn to Frog, would lose indestructibility.

  6. You know how much it costs to cast Triplicate Spirits? 6 mana. You know what costs 9 mana? Feral Incarnation. Triplicate Spirits makes 3 tokens. Triplicate Spirits into Feral Incarnation is NUTS.

  7. This was fantastic, as usual. Thanks a ton for giving us a great podcast.

    I am confused, though. There were several cards that were not even mentioned. I noticed that they are all reprints, but perhaps that has no bearing on the situation. I used The Gatherer to follow along with the review.
    Cancel, Walking Corpse, Furnace Whelp, Centaur Courser, Seismic Strike, Garruk’s Packleader, Divine Verdict, Inspired Charge, and Serra Angel

  8. Great set review as usual. One thing I don’t remember hearing is the mention of the larger uncommon count in this set. Since there are now 80 uncommons, the chance of seeing any given one is reduced significantly.

    In between trying to listen to the first 130 back episodes and then this 5 hour marathon I’m going to be hearing Marshal’s voice in my head all the time.

    • I almost forgot about this. This should reduce the blowout potential that Triplicate Spirits has, though everyone may still be shell-shocked from Battle Screech.

      • Triplicate Spirits is a common, so I don’t think the uncommon Uncommon (Ha!) number will affect it too much.

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  9. Thanks for this review! I can’t wait for the Rares & Mythics one!! Also, thanks to Ben Williams for pointing out the Plummet thing. I got people SO GOOD with it. Went 5-1 and share the best record with a few other people, won my first playmat at my prerelease. Good stuff!!

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