Limited Resources 247 – GP Portland Report

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Brian tell the tale of Grand Prix Portland. Brian played in the event, and Marshall covered it, so you will get two different perspectives as well as a Crack-a-Pack, a listener email and all the witty banter you can handle. 


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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Brian Wong

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8 thoughts on “Limited Resources 247 – GP Portland Report

    • that shows the discussion before the actual team draft but it would be awesome to get a link to the coverage of the actual drafting itself if that exists

  1. Thanks for the link wandering.

    I’ve been seeing a lot more GB graveyard decks in M15 drafts, and I’m afraid the blame for this rests squarely on your shoulders Mister Wong! The last one I played against milled a Soul of New Phyrexia, then nabbed it back with some other card >.<

  2. Annoying episode request not related to current episode: The 241 episode on card advantage was by far my favorite episode. Is there another topic you can into that great of detail with which applies to limited too? Maybe the curve?

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