Limited Resources 259 – Statistical Analysis with Matthew Watkins

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes Matthew Watkins to discuss his column, Ars Arcanum, and his approach to analyzing Limited formats.

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Your Host: Marshall Sutcliffe

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10 thoughts on “Limited Resources 259 – Statistical Analysis with Matthew Watkins

  1. It’s too bad Wizards still refuses to offer an API to allow us to pull down all the game replay data(which is public anyway) so us data heads could really delve into at and go on a treasure cruise of analysis(sorry, couldn’t put up a feat of resistance)

  2. Yay, looking forward to hearing this one. I really liked his column everytime I got around to read it. Things like finding out the crucial power/toughness are usefull.

  3. Not sure if our votes count for anything – or if Matt’s busy life could allow it – but this felt extremely natural and was a very nuts and bolts topic. I would be very pleased to hear him become a regular contributor to LR’s content.

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