Limited Resources 263 – A Conversation with Eric Froehlich

This week on Limited Resources Marshall welcomes professional Magic player Eric Froehlich on the show. Eric is a Nuts and Bolts Spike and we get to see how on this episode of the show. After the Crack-a-Pack Marshall has a discussion with Eric based on listener questions and interview questions. 

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Your Host: Marshall Sutcliffe

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Music by Man Bites Dog and Josh Woodward

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 263 – A Conversation with Eric Froehlich

  1. Caryatid is pronounced like Marshall pronounces it. My wife laughed at me when she heard me pronounce it like I had heard other Magic players pronounce it. She said, “do you even know what a caryatid is?” She studied architecture and design, and they are columns that look like people, and they came up in class, and Magic players say it wrong (except for Marshall). So, on the authority of a professional interior designer, Marshall, Magic players do say it wrong.

    • Also, I was quite amused that Sylvan Caryatid is clearly a caryatid. Makes perfect sense, but who would’ve guessed it. I actually suspected it was something slightly less exactly what is depicted on the card.

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