Limited Resources 272 – Pro Conversation featuring Patrick Chapin

This week on Limited Resources Luis and Marshall welcome Pro Tour Champion and Hall of Famer Patrick Chapin on the show to answer *your* questions! 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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21 thoughts on “Limited Resources 272 – Pro Conversation featuring Patrick Chapin

  1. Anyone else think it’s messed up / ironic that the same week Marshall writes an article about being a leader in the community, being nice to other people in the community, helping people, etc, the guys spend a good portion of the opening of the show making fun of what was undoubtedly a new listener who made a mistake w/ LSV’s name? I mean the kid was literally trying to help fund a kickstarter game. If I was him I know I’m not listening to the show anymore and probably out of Magic, and it kind of sucks that everyone, including the hosts of the show, are hating on a new member for trying to get involved.

    • I think stating that they spent a “good portion of the intro making fun” is overstating it a bit. They made a joke that lasted all of ten seconds with out any elaboration and then moved on.

      I don’t think it was a big deal seeing as how the guy on the Kick Starter forums that made the original error seemed to be pretty easy going about it in his replies. at least the ones that I saw.

      Plus, it WAS pretty funny.

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      • I think — perhaps I'll do it — there should be a video primer on how to respond if / when CNN calls you to be on a show. I know one person who didn't know it was real, then called me to confirm what was happening, but it was too late. CNN didn't call back. There should be a "firewall" placed between what YouTube does and what CNN does.

    • I think it was in the August issue when Cobi announced… with her father's passing and having achieved success for a while, she just decided to take a break. Good for her, not so good for H&H reaslrd.Weecome Blueberry! Hope you stay awhile 🙂

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  3. Loved what Patrick’s “level-up moment” about breaking out from the rut of the decks that you are comfortable playing. Would you be able to expand on that in future episodes?

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