Limited Resources 274 – Fate Reforged Set Review Review, and a Goodbye to Khans

This week on Limited Resources Luis and Marshall take some time to reflect back on the Set Review from Fate Reforged, as well as Khans of Tarkir as it makes its exit from the Limited landscape.

Link to coverage of Martin Müller vs. Zvi Mowshowitz at Pro Tour Fate Reforged that was mentioned on the show:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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8 thoughts on “Limited Resources 274 – Fate Reforged Set Review Review, and a Goodbye to Khans

  1. The other day, I realized with a Secret Plans morph deck that Ugin’s Construct doesn’t only sac creatures :\

  2. For all those extra packs maybe something like a sealed mini event. Post the list of cards in the 6 packs and see what the listeners suggest for the deck build. Its always fun to see peoples different opinions of deckbuilding in sealed.

  3. Not trying to be rotty, but I played a jeskai control deck that had a Channel Harm in it, and it was insane. I also had an Arcbond, Dig Through Time, multiple Kill Shots/Wisp Aways/Sandblasts, and a Blinding Spray, so I had a lot of late game instants so people didn’t really know what to play around. Channel Harm brought me back from WAY behind blanking an alpha strike and letting me kill multiple creatures in multiple games. Arcbond was actually even better, upon reflecting on it, though. (The deck went 3-0 with zero game loses, if you were curious.)

    • So, I guess giving Channel Harm a C is fair, but it has a lot of upside in the right deck. That was my main point, which I managed to not deliver.

      • I was playing against an opponent who was representing Channel Harm and eventually showed it to me in game one. In the subsequent rounds I still found it extremely hard to play around. Like any way you slice it, the creature that I want to attack with is going to die barring attacks with low power flyers.

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  4. The “pivot” in how to draft the two blocks is probably due to the restructuring to two sets per block in the future releases.

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