Limited Resources 283 – Sealed Deck Discussion with Wrapter

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis welcome professional Magic player Josh “Wrapter” Utter-Leyton on the show to discuss Sealed Deck strategy. Also they reveal their exclusive LR preview cards for Modern Masters 2015!

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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3 thoughts on “Limited Resources 283 – Sealed Deck Discussion with Wrapter

  1. In honor of International Marsh Hulk Day, I give to thee, Oh Wise Marsh Hulk Sutcliffe, this story: I did a draft today and pick 1 pack 1’d a Marsh Hulk over a flatten and youthful scholar(it was fate as I saw it) I also managed to get two more later on. I created a rampish, black green deck which i went 3-2 with (obviously i was expecting to do much worse haha).During my final round I played a morph on turns 3 4 and 5(my three hulks). And over the next 3 turns I preceded to flip up each one, forcing my black blue opponent into chump block mode after 2 hits from the Brothers Hulk. I defeated him soundly and went on to win my match, giving what I can safely assume is the first documented Marsh Hulk Bad Beats Story. After that match my opponent looked like he was about to throw up and could only muster out the words “my god, how did it come to this!”. This offering do I present to thee.

  2. Can you do a show about Modern Masters 2? I would like to be ready for when I get to draft it in a couple of weeks and I figured you guys are the best primer there is.

  3. my local store is doing a standard sealed 7 pacts; one pact from the current standard sets. the johnny in me just wants to see the crazy random plays

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