Limited Resources 284 – GP Atlantic City Trip Report

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis go over the GP Atlantic City sealed and drafts that Luis did to make the top 8! They use this as the springboard for a broader Limited discussion as well. 

Top 8 Draft Viewer:

Limited Information Column about the draft:

Video of the Top 8 Draft:

Video of the last Swiss Draft:

Video of the LSV’s win-and-in for Top 8 vs. Chris Fennell:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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9 thoughts on “Limited Resources 284 – GP Atlantic City Trip Report

  1. really love the pod cast both you and LSV have inspired me to enjoy the game and have fun compared to always being try hard and i wonder if you can answer my question were should someone start to get into a format like modern or standard

  2. Feel of the show sure has changed a lot. When Ryan, John, and even Brian were co-hosting is really had that feel of a couple of guys who enjoy playing Magic, and wanting to help others get better. Now I think it’s still geared toward fostering improvement, but it’s based a lot more on the professional community, which to me (and maybe some others) makes it less appealing. But, I am sure there are others who like the show’s current structure much more than the “good ol’ days”. I still appreciate what Marshall does for the community, but it’s no longer a must-listen for me on a weekly basis.

    • @OmegaSupreme:
      You should try listen to the latest Constructed Resources. The whole show about a tournament >99,9% of the audience will probably never being able to attend….

      All in all, I fell what LSV brings to the show is awesome. I couldn’t wish for a better co-host, and I even think he (if marginally) edges out the other co-hosts before him, although all of those were great as well!

      If anythink, I feel LR could get a bit more back to the details as before. I fondly remember Ryan and Marshall discuss almost half an episode about whether to take Journey to Nowhere or Day of Judgment. Gettin into stuff this nitty gritty in the current format is what, personally miss these days. Especially in that case there was a huge arguments, so I could think about which side was right!

      Nowadays, I often walk away from the show and the only thing I remember is two guys hammering away at one broad statement that is getting repeated over and over.
      Staying with the recent CR example: Marshall asked several pros that, when they were qualified for the MOCS, and Vintage was one of the formats, would they spend their time learning Vintage or improving on Standard, Draft or Modern?
      Me, as kitchen table player and occasional (!) MTgo player, this braod statement doesn’t help at all.

      But you know, not every show is for everyone 😉
      I still enjoyed listening to it anyway, because it is still very well recorded and set up.

      • Agree with a lot of what you’ve said here. I listened to CR when it first came out, mostly because of the awesome chemistry between John and Marshall. When John left the show, I wanted to wait and see who the replacement was. When I saw that it was EFro, I knew I had no interest in it.

        I bet I am in the minority on this next thing, but I don’t really like how many CFB pros have been brought on recently. I preferred to hear about what Marshall and whatever the co-host at the time were finding, not some pro’s perspective. If I want that, I can find it, through articles, videos, or whatever else. Hearing from a bunch of CFB pros is not what drew me to the show. What drew me to it was hearing a couple of regular guys talking about the game. I am sure that these pros can bring a ton of experience and information, but that’s not what I’m coming for.

        There were a bunch of points the history of the show that I think led to this, but the straw that broke the Siege Rhino’s back was probably moving sponsorship from Card Kingdom to Channel Fireball.

        I recently listened to show, I think it was 265, right before LSV took over as co-host. I think about it now, and it really seemed like a eulogy of the old LR. I think that there is still a ton of useful information here, but I disagree with the delivery.

        I don’t think Marshall would tell you that the show has changed, but it really has. Like you said, it’s not for everyone. It’s still a good show, it’s just not unique like it used to be and I honestly feel like the target audience has changed.

  3. Limited Resources used to be very nuts and bolts, full of broadly practical advice for FNM and drafting. These days it’s still interesting and entertaining, but it’s more about interviewing celebrity players about their experiences on the elite circuit.

  4. I agree with a lot that is being said in the comments this week. I miss the voice of the common man in the latest episodes of LR. Marshall used to be this voice but by now, he has improved so much that even he can’t place himself in our shoes anymore (imho).
    Don’t know what the solution to this would be though and I still enjoy the show a lot. This episode was even better in that regard than most I think because of the in depth discussion of picks during easy or difficult drafts. My last draft happened to be a very weak pool and instead of getting frustrated I remembered this episode’s discussion and was able to go 2-1 (swiss).

  5. I agree with some of this criticism, although I don’t know how much of this is a “permanent” shift away from the LR standard of old and how much is just a reaction to this particular format–DTK. Not that I think DTK is a bad format necessarily, but Marshall specifically does not seem to enjoy it. Thus, I think they’re not spending as much time digging into the details of the format.

    I think there’s potential for a really interesting episode sometime soon about DTK from Marshall’s perspective, and maybe about how you can do well in limited formats that don’t play to your strengths (Marshall, as a “value”-oriented player, has difficulties in a world where a Graceblade Artisan + Glaring Aegis can be difficult to answer and Impact Tremors is playable in multiples in some crazy decks). I would LOVE if they would have on a guest host who veers more to the aggro side. Someone who just jams dash cards all day long.

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