Limited Resources 289 – Interview with Chris Fennell

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis welcome Platinum Pro and Limited guru Chris Fennell on the show! Chris has been writing more about improving at Limited and we thought it would a good time to bring him on the Value Train for a chat.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 289 – Interview with Chris Fennell

  1. I would like to make a formal and public apology for my conduct and behavior on the reddit page. I have made some posts that were edgy and crossed the line. If I have offended you or hurt you then I would like to offer my deepest apologies. My reddit username is CaptainDiamond39. If someone would pass my apology along to reddit that would be great due to the fact I am currently and rightfully banned. I hope to be back to the subreddit sometime in the future with myself grounded in my principles so this won’t happen again.

  2. The segment on hate-drafting was beyond useless. Of course you can hate draft if there is no other card that is going to go into your deck. This guy might be a good player, but he seemed like a bad guest for this show. Hope he is not brought back.

    • Chris goes into every draft assuming he makes the finals so he is giving himself the best chance to win that last match. It is slightly higher variance as he will have more 1-2s and 3-0s than he will 2-1s. The lesson is important because if you are 7-2 at a gp and need to 3-0 both draft pods to top8 then employing this strategy might be where you need to be. Saying any lesson is useless is in fact a useless comment. Even if you disagree or can’t understand why it’s useful at least you learn the perspective of someone else and that in itself is still a tool in the toolbox.

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