Limited Resources 309 – Sideboarding Level-Up

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis discuss the important topic of Sideboarding in Limited. This is an area where many players leave a lot of value on the table, and the guys help you avoid this on the show this week.

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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2 thoughts on “Limited Resources 309 – Sideboarding Level-Up

  1. On the rulings about cards being in play through illegal plays / means:
    During the Super Sunday Series Sealed at GP Orlando last October (KTK Sealed), I played a card face down for 3 mana – a morph. The card I intended to play was a Mystic of the Hidden Way. The card I actually put into play was some blue Instant (which I have since forgotten). When I went to turn my Morph face-up (on my next turn), I realized this and called a judge. I explained what I had done and the judge had me exchange the instant I had face-down on the battlefield with the Mystic, which was still in my hand. I got a warning, turned my Mystic face-up, and attacked with it. My opponent was very friendly about it and just wanted to go on playing the game, so he didn’t raise any issue. Did the judge rule this incorrectly?

  2. I believe the ruling being mentioned in the show is for board states that cannot be recovered. In your case, luckily it was very easy to correct the oversight.

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