Limited Resources 312 – How To Master Any Format

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis talk about the keys to mastering any Limited format. 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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4 thoughts on “Limited Resources 312 – How To Master Any Format

  1. I just want to point out that using the info you guys give out on this show and about 30 seconds of Googling, I can get your crack-a-pack winner’s name, age, address, phone number, names and ages of (probable) immediate family members, educational background, and place of employ.

    You might want to pull this down and edit that bit. I just don’t want your winner to have a bad time because he felt like his privacy was violated.

    • Thanks for looking out, Fred (and maybe some details had been edited out by the time I listened to the podcast)!

      I don’t feel violated at all, though. My name is relatively unique, so you can dig me out of the internet pretty easily simply by knowing that. Mentioning the street name, I don’t think, makes it all that easier to locate me. It’s something I’ve tried to be aware of, so I try to share my full name only with people/groups that I’m comfortable enough with being able to find out who I am (like a group of people who love the same game I do!).

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