Limited Resources 336 – Shadows over Innistrad Roundup

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a close look at the current state of Shadows over Innistrad Limited, including a Crack-a-Draft or two, a revisit to some cards, and some archetype discussion as well.

Paul Cheon’s Latest Chlog (with the Limited discussion Luis referenced on the show):

Paulo Vitor’s Article on Tempo:

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2 thoughts on “Limited Resources 336 – Shadows over Innistrad Roundup

  1. The discussion about when and when not to be ROTty was something I really needed to hear right now for what’s going on in my life. Thanks to the Patreon asker and thanks to Marshall and Luis for picking and answering it.

  2. Did anyone notice that LSV was very meh on many cards that he rated as among the best commons in the set in his review?

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