Limited Resources 342 – Level-Up: Tournament Preparation

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a show to go all Level-Up on an important topic for PPTQ Grinders and PT players alike: Tournament Preparation. 

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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2 thoughts on “Limited Resources 342 – Level-Up: Tournament Preparation

  1. I came up with a way to draft with 4 people as if it was a full group of 8. I call it the bosium draft. Everyone has 2 sets of packs for the draft. One pile is up or farther inside the table and the other pile is down or closer to the player. Pick one person as the transition player. Everyone passes their cards from the top pile to the next player’s top pile and the same for the bottom piles except for the transition player. The transition player passes his cards from the top to the next players bottom pile and from their bottom pile to the next players top pile. This ensures that the packs go through all 8 picks. When passing the other direction the player on the transition players left transitions the packs the other way around the table.

    This can also double a 3 man draft into a 6 man draft.

    • Or you can buy a bow of EMA and everyone gets 6 packs and just see every pack 3 times. Best draft ever elves get scary if you are the only green drafter in this draft trust me. I won hard every game in best of 5 vs every other player.

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