Limited Resources 349 – Eldritch Moon Grab Bag

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis delve into a bevy of topics including extra Patreon Questions of the Week, an bonus Crack-a-Pack, and a touch on some of the cards from EMN and SOI that have changed values since the PT.

Paul Cheon’s Chlog from PT EMN:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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One thought on “Limited Resources 349 – Eldritch Moon Grab Bag

  1. Personally, my sense is that Marshall would already have been on the PT several times if not for his focus on LR and coverage. I don’t think he’d be to the point yet where you can reliably string multiple PTs in a row together, but he’d be getting there.

    Also, I like to keep in mind that Marshall only got serious about Magic during Zendikar. To me, it seems like one of the most reliable ways to be a top-level player is to be someone who’s been taking tournaments seriously for 20 years. Obviously there are tons of players who are exceptions, and almost everyone takes breaks from the game, but I really think that’s the most consistent route.

    And when it comes to “passion and dedication”, to me, that means “to an almost obsessive level”. No one becomes a pro by being very dedicated to their local FNM scene, then not thinking about Magic the rest of the week. It takes serious focus that people don’t always have to spare, depending on where they are in life. MtG may be less of a “young person’s game” than it used to be, but part of that is because some of the folks who were slamming games during college 20 years ago are still around and are older now.

    If you’ve already put in that kind of time, then later on in your Magic career, you can get away with having a family and/or a strenuous job, other hobbies, etc. I don’t think really high-level Magic is possible for most people unless you can dedicate multiple years of your life at a time when you have few distractions. My 2 cents. 🙂 Great question, and one I’ve (obviously) thought a lot about myself.

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