Limited Resources 355 – Kaladesh Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis do the big Kaladesh Set Review Show: Commons and Uncommons! That’s right, every single common and uncommon from Kaladesh are covered in this episode. Get ready for your Prerelease, Release, and subsequent events right here.

Timestamps for Each Color:

Multicolored: 00:07:26

Artifacts: 00:24:40

Black: 01:20:15

Red: 02:03:44

Green: 02:45:18

White: 03:26:18

Blue: 04:01:56

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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23 thoughts on “Limited Resources 355 – Kaladesh Set Review: Commons and Uncommons

  1. For the set reviews, it would be cool if there was a timed picture stream on the podcast page. Then you could look at the card that is being discussed. I usually listen at work and don’t always catch the full description.

  2. Reckless Fireweaver may be a bit better than you thought. It triggers for each artifact entering the battlefield, not just yours.

    • “Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, Reckless Fireweaver deals 1 damage to each opponent.”

      It is just your artifacts.

      • Great post Katy; more alneantiig the audience by Mrs G I see! I love my Clarks and fat hands xPeople who don't deserve handmade things find them too expensive – my dad makes stained glass and ignorant people always expect to pay less than the cost of materials, go figure!

    • Obviously Nemo or Krazy Kat wouldn’t work in such a format, but Gasoline Alley or Polly and her Pals might. Or a book of less-reprinted works, like Moon Mullins or The Bungle Family. Or a sampler of cherry-picked “graphically splendid” strips that happen to split well down the middle (I’m sure even a few Krazy Kats orNemos could be found to fit that bill).I have to wonder why people would find holding the books &#a&20;sidew8ys2#8221; would be uncomfortable. The same people have no problem holding their laptops that way.

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  5. I believe you guys missed Renegade Firebrand and Flame Lash when you reviewed red. Can someone confirm this for me? I would like to know your thoughts. I would guess they are both around a C, but I could see the Firebrand being more like a D and the Flame Lash a C+/B-

  6. Hi,

    thanks for the great set review. I can’t remember right now, which card it was, but you were reviewing a creature that gave vehicles a bonus, if it crews them (might have been trample). Anyway, then one of you said (paraphrasing here): “And because you can crew a vehicle whenever, you can give the vehicle that bonus even after blockers are declared.” And the other one of you went: “Really? Wow! Really, you can do that?” And I thought: “Really? Wow?!?! REALLY??” and looked it up.
    But I read the rules differently and would like to be certain, before I think myself immensely clever in a prerelease this weekend and the other guy or girl shouts: “Judge!!”
    Okay, the rule explanations in the release notes ( say: “You may activate a crew ability of a Vehicle even if it’s already an artifact creature. Doing so has no effect on the Vehicle. It doesn’t change its power and toughness.” I’m guessing the “has no effect”-part is overruled, if the creature activating the crew ability specifically says “I give vehicles ability XYZ”. BUT “You may activate a crew ability of a Vehicle even if it’s already an artifact creature.” suggests to me that you can’t just tap any old creature during combat and proclaim that it now crews the vehicle too – you would have to pay the full ability activation cost again. Meaning, if you have an activated vehicle with crew 4 attacking and a bonus-giving pilot with power 3, you would have to tap at least one more creature with power 1 or more to “activate the crew ability of that Vehicle that’s already an artifact creature.” Because crew says “702.121b A creature “crews a Vehicle” when it’s tapped to pay the cost to activate a Vehicle’s crew ability.”, which again I assume means having to pay the full cost and not just randomly some part of it.

    Sorry for going all rules nerdy here, but I love combat tricks, but messing them up, because of a rules mistake is quite embarrassing during a tournament.
    Can you help me out and give me a definite answer on “spontaneously giving bonuses to vehicles with pilots”?

    Thanks again for the review! When is the podcast on rares and mythic coming out btw? Hoping to listen to it before the prerelease.

    All the best from Berlin, Anja

  7. I think you may have missed on salivating gremlins. You were so caught up in comparing them to brazen wolves that you never discussed the fact that their ability can be triggered multiple times in a turn. A fabricate two creature would give you a 6/3 trampler and you wouldn’t need that every turn for this card to be quite powerful.

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