Limited Resources 359 – Level Up: Splashing, Survey Results, and Luck

This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis are back home from the Pro Tour and ready to talk Limited. The guys cover splashing, go over the LR Listener Survey results, and even talk about Luck and how to manage it.

LR Listener Survey:

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Your Hosts: Marshall Sutcliffe and Luis Scott-Vargas

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7 thoughts on “Limited Resources 359 – Level Up: Splashing, Survey Results, and Luck

  1. Your thoughts on luck and discipline were really great, but I think there is another premise that’s useful for people who want to improve their luck (although you could argue that this is just becoming a better player in general). It’s about knowing when to kill your darlings and believe in the cards that better players have identified. About not leaning too hard into win-more cards and playing stuff that’s less flashy but gives consistent value. Also, anything that allows drawing or looting will smooth out your luck, and using the correct amount of lands rather than trying to squeeze in another spell.

    I guess those are probably the things you talk about all the time but for me, they feel related to that question.

  2. On the topic of whether your lands match, is that an aesthetic preference or does it also fall under the premise of how much information you’ve revealed to your opponent when they get to look at your hand or as you play them over multiple games?

  3. This week’s sign off showing just how far lsv has fallen after leaving the pro tour by failing to even mention summer lands. Although they all pail in comparison to custom white boarded unglued lands.

  4. Mike Flores wrote an article called “The AI” that talks about how lands (and spells) should have the same art / be the same edition. Its an information deal.

  5. Show esa awesome! Thank you guys! As always you provide great advice which transcends from MTG into life itself, I truly appreciate it, on a personal note, on saturday’s Gameday I had an awful day, but sunday was just one of those incredible days when everything seems to go your way, and it was extremely productive for my business, both days had a lot to do with luck and preparation, and I realize how true what you said was, once again thank you, keep up the great work!!!

  6. As part of the (apparently) about 36 people who marked “other” for gender, I was *totally* fine with that label. I don’t need a granulated drop-down when my category only represents 1.5% of survey-takers. I’m not in a setting that’s about LGBTQetc. issues when I do something on LR, so having *any* third option for gender is already a pleasant surprise. My 2 cents. 🙂

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